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Introducing our Casual Thin Hoodie, designed for women who appreciate comfort and style during the summer season. This lightweight hoodie combines a casual aesthetic with a breathable fabric, making it an ideal choice for warmer weather.

With a thin thickness, this hoodie is perfect for the summer months, allowing you to stay cool and comfortable while adding a touch of style to your outfit. The breathable fabric, made from a blend of polyester and cotton linen, ensures excellent ventilation, keeping you feeling fresh even on the hottest days.

Featuring a regular sleeve style and full sleeve length, this hoodie offers a classic and versatile look. Whether you're going for a leisurely stroll or meeting up with friends, the sleeves provide the right amount of coverage and freedom of movement.

The Casual Thin Hoodie showcases a playful and vibrant pattern type with cartoon designs. The cartoon patterns add a touch of fun and whimsy to your attire, allowing you to express your unique personality and showcase your love for lighthearted fashion.

Crafted from a polyester material, this hoodie is not only lightweight but also durable and easy to care for. The polyester fabric ensures that the hoodie retains its shape and color even after multiple washes, making it a reliable addition to your summer wardrobe.

Complete with a hood, this hoodie offers added versatility and protection from the sun or a gentle breeze. The hood adds a stylish element to the overall design while allowing you to adjust it according to your preference.

Designed with a loose fit, this hoodie provides a relaxed and comfortable silhouette. The loose fit allows for ease of movement and provides a laid-back, effortless style that is perfect for casual outings and activities.

The Casual Thin Hoodie is tailored specifically for women and has a regular clothing length, offering a balanced and flattering look. It can be paired with shorts, skirts, or jeans to create a stylish ensemble that is suitable for various summer occasions.

In summary, the Casual Thin Hoodie is a must-have for women seeking a combination of comfort and style during the summer season. With its lightweight fabric, casual style, vibrant cartoon patterns, and loose fit, this hoodie is perfect for adding a touch of playfulness to your summer outfits. Stay cool and fashionable with this versatile piece that effortlessly combines comfort and style.

1Measurement In CM

size Shoulder(cm) Bust(cm) Body Length(cm) Sleeve(cm) Body Weight(kg)
S 52 112 69 65 35 - 45
M 54 116 71 67 43 - 53
L 56 120 73 69 53 - 63
XL 58 124 75 71 63 - 70
XXL 60 128 77 73 70 - 80
XXXL 62 132 79 75 80 - 90

2Measurement In Inch

size Shoulder(in.) Bust(in.) Body Length(in.) Sleeve(in.) Body Weight(lb)
S 20.47 44.09 27.17 25.59 77.16 - 99.21
M 21.26 45.67 27.95 26.38 94.80 - 116.84
L 22.05 47.24 28.74 27.17 116.84 - 138.89
XL 22.83 48.82 29.53 27.95 138.89 - 154.32
XXL 23.62 50.39 30.31 28.74 154.32 - 176.37
XXXL 24.41 51.97 31.10 29.53 176.37 - 198.41